Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Last Nurse Standing and the Coronapocalypse

These are odd times. But sometimes crises have their lighter side. My daughter is a part-time ER nurse. She is on maternity leave after bringing our fourth grandchild into this topsy-turvy world, but she texted the family a picture of a March Madnesstype bracket. Here’s her description of it: “My ER coworkers created a ‘Coronageddon Last Nurse Standing’ bracket. If this isn’t indicative of ER nurses’ warped sense of humor, I’m not sure what is. Guess who’s seeded #1? Yours truly! I feel half guilty, half relieved that my maternity leave coincided with this awful pandemic.” Her brother noticed that she got a first-round bye in the bracket. I guess that’s due to the maternity leave. She’s hoping to have several byes in this particular tournament.
Then tonight, while watching a news story suggesting that this virus could be around for a year to eighteen months before there’s a viable vaccine, it occurred to me that by then we could be living in a coronapocalypse world that would have strange parallels to all those awful zombie apocalypse movies. Those who have contracted the virus would be walking around free looking for something to eat, while those who haven’t would be hiding out, avoiding everyone, just trying to survive.
Finally, a coworker sent around an email with a bunch of funny coronavirus memes. Here’s what I thought was the funniest.

Live long and prosper. And wash your hands.