Monday, October 2, 2017

I Mourn for My Country

Tonight I mourn for my country. I mourn for those who lost their lives or were injured in the horrific massacre in Las Vegas. But beyond that, I mourn for what America has become.
I mourn that we have elected politicians who are so cowed by the NRA that they make excuses for not banning military-style weapons. These weapons have one purpose and one purpose only—to kill people, as many as possible, as quickly as possible. There is no reason on earth why anyone other than a soldier should be allowed possess one of these weapons.
I mourn that so many of my fellow Americans think the right to own a gun is the supreme right, that it trumps all others. It certainly trumps the right to feel safe in public places.
I mourn that so many of my fellow Americans do not understand that rights come with responsibilities, and if we as a people cannot be responsible, we must forfeit the associated right. We prove every day, over 30,000 times a year, that we are not responsible with the right to own guns. We are the only “civilized” country on earth that permits this many gun deaths. Which means, I suppose, that we are not civilized.
I mourn that a majority of us has elected leaders whose highest priority is to funnel as much wealth as possible into the hands of those who do not need it and to withhold food and shelter and medical care from those who so desperately do need it. I mourn that they are willing to lie in order to camouflage the true intent of their legislative agenda.
I mourn that those same leaders would attempt to replace an imperfect health-care system with an abominable alternative that would primarily do harm to millions of Americans—all for political gain—rather than try to fix the imperfect system.
I mourn that we have allowed a corporate economy based on greed to prevail over our better instincts of sympathy, compassion, service, and generosity.
I mourn that a slight minority of us prevailed in the recent presidential election (through a quirk of the Electoral College) and has placed in the White House a narcissistic, amoral, crude, nationalistic, sexually predatory, fraudulent, vindictive, petty, insecure man who is both unfit for the office and consistently embarrassing to our country. And I mourn over the millions of Americans who are willing to apologize for his abhorrent behavior rather than hold him to a higher standard.
I mourn that this same group of Americans has turned its collective back on science and in the name of bogus economic benefits is willing to make the earth eventually uninhabitable. This is inexcusable, and their posterity will curse them for their willful blindness.
I mourn above all that my country is no longer a beacon of light to the world, but is a gaping black hole of moral hollowness.

Tonight I mourn for my country.