Saturday, November 5, 2016

For America's Sake, Do Not Vote for Trump

With the polls tightening and anti-Clinton sentiment running high, we need to step back and look at what is happening. What on earth are almost half of American voters thinking? Do they understand what is at stake here? I’ll be the last person to suggest that Hillary Clinton is the ideal candidate for president, but I’ll also be the first to come to her defense against what has to be the most overblown snow job in the history of American politics. She has been investigated almost constantly for a number of different issues, and never has an investigation determined that she is guilty of anything even close to criminal activity.
Take Benghazi as an example. There have been, to date, thirty-three hearings held in at least seven different investigations. Utah’s own Spanish Inquisitor, Jason Chaffetz, has wasted millions of dollars and thousands of hours on this partisan witch hunt. And what have all these investigations found? No evidence of wrongdoing by either Clinton or any of her colleagues in the State Department.
If anyone has ever been convicted of corruption and crime by hearsay and innuendo, it is Hillary Clinton. On the other side of the election ballot, though, is Donald Trump, who doesn’t need to be convicted by hearsay and innuendo. All you have to do is tally up the hundreds of statements he himself has made and the actions he has taken that disqualify him to become president of the United States. And yet many people hate Hillary Clinton so much (probably fueled by what they hear on Fox News and right-wing radio and what they read on social media) that they are determined to vote for a self-proclaimed sexual predator and serial adulterer, a pathological liar, a narcissistic megalomaniac, a business fraud, an authoritarian, a foul-mouthed bully, a racist, a misogynist, an ignorant man who does not understand the issues and shows little inclination to learn.
One difference between the two candidates that I have not really heard anyone talk about is simply the causes they have embraced. Whereas Clinton has spent decades working to improve the lives of children, women, and the disadvantaged, Trump’s only cause other than himself has been the ill-begotten Birther movement.
What amazes me is how many Americans do not understand the issues well enough to see that Trump simply cannot make good on any of the major campaign promises he keeps repeating. He is selling snake oil.
But decision day is upon us. God help America. If anyone out there is even remotely entertaining the idea of voting for Donald Trump, do me one favor first. Please read this editorial by three-time Pulitzer Prize–winning columnist Thomas Friedman. Hopefully he can put this choice in perspective for you. And I invited everyone who reads this post to share Friedman’s editorial with all your friends and acquaintances.
Please vote, and please vote for the only person who can stop Trump: Hillary Clinton.


  1. So here's my question: I think it's a given that most of the members of the Church in Utah are going to claim that they have prayed about the decision as to who they should be voting for, and the electoral count projected vote graphics I have seen on the internet in the last couple of days show that Utah's EC votes are going to go to Trump; does this mean God really is endorsing Trump, or does it mean that the membership's "in-tuneness" with the Holy Ghost is severely out of whack, or is this something about which God just doesn't care to provide anyone with personal revelation on the matter, or what?

  2. Thomas Friedman should give his 3 Pulitzer prizes back. It's a non-fact that Trump is selling us snake oil--indeed. What a list of Trump name calling with no specific mention for Hillary. To say there is no evidence to Hillary's investigations is a hugh misspeak. We all know she distroyed emails, servers and iphone (by hammer) to cover up. Then she lied to Comey and next lied to the American people. She was so close to criminal activity that America considered she was put "above the law." Concerning Benghazi: She admitted she took responsibility for it. What does that mean? To Hillary it means: by Hillary: I deem it to be over: ("What difference does it make?") On the other hand: I do applaud her for her work with the school children.
    Now,Donald Trump did speak his mind. That "broke the glass ceiling" of political correctness. He showed an example of the Freedom of Speech. To the contrary Trump well understands the issues. And also he is a GREAT learner (just watch.) Further, Trump's only cause was not the Birther movement. He just started with that since Obama was a young scholar in a foreign county. I can count at least 10 causes--upholding the law, saving the Constitution as originally written, Constitutional Supreme Court Judges, fixing illegal immigration, the Economy, paying the National debt, protection from Radical Islamists, lowering taxes, appealing the sky-rocketing cost of ObamaCare, etc.
    a contrair: The American people DO understand the issues well enough (insulting.) Consider us the silent majority that now has a voice. We reject Socialism, Cronyism, Corruption and Progressivism. God has helped America by helping us see clearly which president will be the leader that will make America bloom. Let's move on forward.

    1. Please tune in to something other than Fox News.